Space 1 Optimizes for RealWear HMT-1

Software Providers Line Up To Optimize their Solutions for HMT-1

Software leaders are stepping forward to optimize their solutions on HMT-1.   Just last Monday OverIT–a solution provider for the management of Field activities in the Technical, Sales and Transportation areas–announced that it is teaming up with RealWear to increase worker productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety at work by optimizing its Space 1 solution for RealWear’s hands-free platform.   The integration of the new Space 1 release is good news for the end customer who is committed to using technology to gain a competitive edge through digital transformation.  OverIT initially announced availability in March.

According to OverIT, its goal is to develop increasingly flexible and optimized FSM solutions to provide the best possible support to field technicians. Space 1 says that it is optimized for hands-free use on HMT-1, which allows OverIT to offer its solution for companies dealing with the management of maintenance activities, either in the field or within production plants.

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The week prior we talked about creating content quickly and easily with PTC’s Vuforia Studio on RealWear.  Have you optimized your solution for RealWear?  Give us a holler.

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