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Jujotech Fusion Remote

Jujotech offers hands-free remote assist with Skype for Business on RealWear HMT-1

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Use Case

Tell me about Jujotech and your hands-free solution, Fusion Remote, with RealWear?  Primary use case?

Jujotech enables and connects the mobile workforce by providing industry-leading integrated solutions such as Fusion Remote.  It’s fully interoperable with Skype for Business. FusionRemote primary use cases are as follows:

  • Remote expert multicast
  • Service support with annotation and file sharing
  • Knowledge base creation resulting in 75% training cost reduction
  • Safety
  • Factory or Remote installations virtual visits

What big (or little) problem are you trying to solve with Fusion Remote on the HMT-1?

Fusion Remote enables Microsoft infrastructure customers who require industry-leading remote assist (and other developing applications) to leverage their Skype for Business licensing investment via full Fusion Remote integration.

Benefits of RealWear and Advice

Wow, that sounds really useful to a lot of folks in the enterprise with licenses for Skype for Business.  Why did you choose to partner with RealWear on this solution?

The RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 ruggedized smart headsets are “Hands-Free” industry best-in-class for industrial applications.

What is your customer’s favorite feature of the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 and why?

Hands-free communication!

OK!  What advice do you have for customers trying to do a pilot with the Fusion Remote on the HMT-1?  How long do you think the pilot should take?  Any common mistakes to avoid?

It is enterprise infrastructure ready.  Some customers are conducting Proof of Concepts (POCs) in less than a month.  Our recommendation is to involve IT in the deployment process from day one.  On premise deployment needs to be federated.

What benefits does RealWear Cloud provide your customers?

Fusion Remote (Skype for Business integration)

We’re proud to be a launch partner of RealWear Cloud and glad to be on the app catalog.  We’re eager to enhance our solutions for use in the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 environments.  The secure RealWear Cloud zero-touch deployment capability combined with immediate app installation will optimize the user experience to the mutual benefit of all parties.

Who is currently doing proof of concept evaluation?  What are their experiences or feedback?

Real World Examples and Feedback

Multiple customers have completed POC’s (i.e.; EuroFins, Eagle Automation, Extraction Oil & Gas).  These customers are now either a customer or initiating deployments.  

The feedback has been extremely positive – Flawless communication, works well in low bandwidth and noisy environments, easy to learn, and provides solid productivity improvements.

CEO of JujoTech

We also have several other customers currently conducting global testing.

Specifically any feedback to share from your customers?

Our primary customer feedback relates to their excitement with the opportunity to leverage Skype for Business infrastructure (which is secured) to enable industry-leading remote assist functionality.  The RealWear HMT / Jujotech Fusion Remote user experience is all about empowering the connected worker.  For example:  In addition to remote assist, the solution is changing how “Knowledge Based Creation” moves from text to video.  Furthermore, both Industrials and Manufacturing are benefiting not only from repair efficiencies, but also significant cost reductions in travel, training, and safety.

Tell me about what you’re doing with Honda (Microsoft, PEI, etc.).

Honda is in the process of moving from POC projects to the pilot phase.  Honda is eager to enable four of its Ohio factories to utilize the RealWear/Jujotech solution to address the below primary use cases.

  • Remote assist factory calls
  • Virtual visit (Japan factory to Ohio training room)
  • Training

Can you talk about the proof of concepts you’re working on?

Our primary proof of concepts to date include:

  • Remote assist and training in the oil & gas and manufacturing industries
  • Lab testing in the consumer products, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries 
  • Virtual visits in the manufacturing industry

Upcoming proof of concepts include:

  • Remote assist in the mining, telecommunications, utilities and renewable energy industries
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair in the oil & gas industry
  • What is the cost of your solution and how do Customers contact you?

Information about Purchasing

Our solution is offered as a SaaS model and pricing for Fusion Remote ranges from $420 to $660 per user per year depending on the number of features.  It is the most cost-effective solution in the market today.  To purchase the solution you could contact us directly Use Case of Fusion Remote and how it leverages Skype for Business Credentials or use one of our channel partners.

Sounds great.  What’s next for you and RealWear?

Well… We already enhance our offering in the industrial and manufacturing segments with Fusion AR.  Fusion AR is capable of ingesting your company IoT analytics and fuse it with work flow and remote assist.  We are laser focused on enhancing the Connected Worker with RealWear HMT-1s.

NOTE: This interview was conducted by RealWear, Inc. and Rafael Gutierrez, CEO, Jujotech.

CEO of Jujotech is moving forward on Fusion Remote

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