Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Shines Light on RealWear

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RealWear Just Became Known to More Businesses Than Ever Before

What a moment!

It’s a wrap. Microsoft Inspire is over. But RealWear is still buzzing from the amazing visibility and attention.

RealWear was featured in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote. The focus was all about empowering firstline workers during the pandemic. The moment happened just a week after Total jointly announced its rapid deployment of RealWear (our blog post is here) during the pandemic.

That’s two major RealWear headset deployment stories in two weeks. Both stories featured RealWear’s unique hands-free solution: First Total and then Honeywell.

If you missed Satya Nadella’s keynote when he shined a light on RealWear and Honeywell, here’s a recap.

Three amazing things happened at Microsoft Inspire:

  1. RealWear and Honeywell were jointly invited to be included as part of the CEO keynote at Microsoft Inspire
  2. Microsoft Teams on RealWear was officially announced as part of the official Book of News for the event which resulted in news coverage everywhere, including in Computerworld.
  3. The success story of Honeywell using RealWear with Microsoft Teams for remote Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) was shared with attendees and social media.

Here’s what Microsoft’s CEO Said

“Finally, we are innovating to support the more than two billion first-line workers around the world who during this pandemic have been critical including so many who are contributing to all the essential roles to  keeping our society and economy functioning throughout.  

Workers at Honeywell factory in Houston, Texas, for example, are using Teams embedded in a wearable computer from our partner RealWear to livestream what they see  to remote colleagues and experts while having hands-free conversations.  

This has allowed them to continue production in complete critical factory testing keeping engineers around the world engaged to ensure everything is built properly.  

And they can sign off on certifications directly within Teams.” 

-Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Here is the Clip

If you’ve been following our story, we’ve been involved in some pretty outsized “marketing moments” over the years. Like when our Cofounder and President Sanjay Jhawar surprised the audience and came on stage in a hazmat suit at AWE. Or when we were included in national ‘new normal’ press like CNBC. Or when large auto dealers like BMW deployed nationally.

For us, this moment takes the cake.

That’s because nothing quite tops the moment at Microsoft Inspire that involved Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Livestreamed on the Microsoft Website and on LinkedIn, Microsoft showed the full keynote to millions of fans, followers, partners, and event attendees.

Customers are now telling other customers: “With only a single call on your HMT-1 device, you can get your factory running again.”

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