Seven Secrets that Make HMT-1Z1 the Best Wearable Device for Oil & Gas

Seven Secrets

Seven Secrets

Vote for the Only Voice-Operated Intrinsically Safe Computer in the Hazardex Awards


On February 26th, Hazardex, a dedicated publication for hazardous area marketplace, will announce the winners of the Hazardex 2020 Awards, designed to recognize excellence in the hazardous area sector.

Oil rigs, chemical plants, and flour mills are some of the most dangerous worksites on the planet.

Safety is non-negotiable on these worksites, yet oil and gas frontline workers in these locations literally (and figuratively) “feel the heat” from flammable liquids, gases, vapors, and combustible dust every day. In these hazardous zones, all equipment and devices must be designed in a purpose-built way to eliminate the risk of sparks and explosions. Devices that can be safely used in these environments are classified as intrinsically safe.

On work sites like an oil rig, technicians need intrinsically safe tools that can improve their productivity while preserving their situational awareness. It’s dangerous enough working on an isolated structure 100 miles offshore. But throw in combustibles, and technicians need every advantage they can get.

We’re humbled that RealWear’s intrinsically safe computer HMT-1Z1 has been shortlisted in the PPTex innovation category. This award recognizes the best innovation in Personnel Protection Technologies (PPT), defined as equipment that a frontline worker can wear, hold, or use to improve their productivity and situational awareness within high hazard industries.



Why You Should Vote RealWear HMT-1Z1 for PPTex Innovation

1. The Only Intrinsically Safe Computer In Its Class

HMT-1Z1 is still the only voice-operated intrinsically safe computer approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1. Each of these designations indicate hazardous environments where explosive gases might occur under normal conditions.

2. HMT-1Z1 Is Purpose-Built For Dangerous Environments

RealWear devices are designed to be real-world focus first, digital focus second versus other AR headsets. In a research study conducted at Marquette University, RealWear HMT-1® (our flagship device for non-restricted zones) did not reduce blink rate among industrial field workers compared to a more immersive augmented reality solution. This is a good thing because lower blink rate is a risk factor of eye strain, which may decrease situational awareness.

3. RealWear Devices Improve Workers’ Productivity and Situational Awareness in Hazardous Environments

RealWear HMT devices improve productivity while maintaining situational awareness. Schlumberger saw a 33% improvement in maintenance efficiency when their workers used HMT devices. In addition, Saudi Aramco reported a 10% boost in workforce productivity for technicians equipped with HMT-1Z1® intrinsically safe computer. And Shell introduced HMT-1Z1 to workers at 24 of its sites to cut the costs of flying experts there and back again. With HMT-1Z1, help is only a few voice commands away.

4. Tested for the Real World, Proven to Work Where It Counts!

HMTs are the best-selling device in its class and the preferred headset over all others. Over 18,000 HMT units have been sold to date including HMT-1Z1 and our flagship unit, the HMT-1.

5. Because Battery Life Matters

HMT-1Z1 has a long-lasting battery. With a battery that can last a full shift of 10 – 12 hours without the need for a recharge, HMT-1Z1 is a perfect enterprise wearable computer for field service technicians and other workers in hazardous zones.

6. HMT-1Z1 Can Reduce Travel Time, Decrease Unplanned Downtime, and Cut Costs

HMT-1Z1 helps companies avoid costly travel time and reduces downtime. When frontline workers use HMT-1Z1, they can analyze machine health with IIoT visualization, get real-time guidance from a Remote Mentor thousands of miles away, and avoid the drawbacks of paper manuals. Click here to learn more about connected worker solutions for HMT-1Z1 and HMT-1.

7. More Than Another Tough Tablet, Better Than a Rugged Computer

HMT-1Z1 is more than a headset, better than a tough tablet, and more practical than a rugged computer. With its “Say What You See” design philosophy, workers can get up and running in minutes. And it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to wear throughout an entire shift. It’s there when workers need it, and when they don’t they can easily flip the view screen boom arm out of their field of vision. HMT-1Z1 is a full hardware and software solution, with an amazing ecosystem of software partners.  It also can be integrated with backend systems and treated like a mobile device.




RealWear HMT-1Z1 is the only commercially available voice-operated wearable computer purpose-built for technicians who work in hazardous environments. It took us over 10 years of design innovation to build a device that could withstand the hottest, most dangerous jobs on the planet.

HMT-1Z1 is rugged. It’s ready. And it’s the best tool for the job.


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