The Most Innovative Automotive Technology Isn’t What You Think


Connected Worker Solutions Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction

How Leaders in Automotive Technology Apply Connected Worker Solutions to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ask anyone who works in digital transformation to name a disruptive automotive technology, and they’ll probably name one of these:

  • Batteries and electric vehicles
  • Self-driving cars and trucks
  • IoT connectivity

But the hottest trend in automotive digital transformation might surprise you: connected worker solutions.

What Are Connected Worker Solutions?

Connected worker solutions are made up of two complementary parts:

  • A voice-operated wearable computer like RealWear HMT-1®
  • Customized software designed for that wearable computer

While connected worker solutions are becoming increasingly common in field services, automotive technology innovators have recently recognized their value for maintenance technicians and fleet management.

BMW of North America is increasing workshop efficiency and improving customer satisfaction with connected worker solutions.

Why Are Connected Worker Solutions so Valuable for Car Dealerships and Service Centers?

When a technician works with a wearable computer, everyone benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Any document a connected worker might require is easily accessible with a few simple voice commands. Technicians can spend less time looking for paperwork and more time on repairs.
  • Better customer experience: Connected workers can share images and video with customers. This way, customers can immediately approve repairs from anywhere, without having to come to the shop.
  • Improved efficiency: If a connected worker encounters a problem, they can initiate a video conference call with a remote expert. No more unexpected delays or searching through manuals.

All of these factors improve customer satisfaction, which is the standard against which any new automotive technology must be measured.

What Are Some Examples Of Connected Worker Solutions That Improve Customer Satisfaction In The Automotive Industry?

Automotive technology is rapidly evolving. The most innovative companies look at every step of their customers’ journey for ways to improve customer satisfaction while increasing worker productivity.

Here are a few examples of automotive leaders that are boosting customer satisfaction through the use of connected worker solutions:

Lexus Embraces Augmented Reality for Greater Customer Satisfaction

With AR glasses, Lexus found a better way to support their dealerships. In the case of a technical problem, the service staff can contact a specialist from the German headquarters in real-time, quickly and easily. The specialist can then give instructions to the technician, and together they can solve the problem faster. This saves not only time, but also money, because the technician no longer has to be present in person. In addition, the waiting time for the customer is shortened. Now, the customer only has to bring their vehicle to the workshop once, making annoying follow-up appointments a thing of the past.

From Lexus (original article in German)
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Speeds Up Repairs With RealWear Connected Worker Solutions

The idea behind the technology is to speed up the service and repair process, and reduce downtime. Users can dial-in remote help for complex procedures from Volkswagen’s technical centre at Milton Keynes or from sister sites within a dealer group, while mobile staff can call their base and consult colleagues. The recipient is able to see and hear precisely what the technician – who still has both hands free – does, so they can point, touch and even use the system to virtually highlight specific areas of the vehicle.

“What it enables us to do is effectively be in the van centres. Sometimes, the technicians need a hand, and the technical centre can only really do so much when you can’t see what’s going on. When there’s a call going on, you can see what they can see, they can see you on the screen, you can put images in front of them, you can be talking about a component or something and say, ‘I’m talking about this area here’ and draw circles round it and things like that. That’s the difference.”

Paul Anderson, service operations manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
BMW North America Gave its Workers Access to Technical Information and Real-Time Remote Support

BMW recently announced that it is rolling out the Ubimax Frontline solution on RealWear HMT-1 wearable computers to all 347 of its dealerships in the United States. With this deployment, BMW has already shortened repair times by up to 75%. Their ultimate goal is improving customer satisfaction.

“This is a great example of how we are applying new technologies to help our technicians work more efficiently and further our commitment to offering the best possible service experience for BMW customers. By solving issues faster, BMW dealers can get customers back into their cars sooner.”

Claus Eberhart, VP Aftersales, BMW of North America

What’s The Secret To Greater Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industry?

Any automotive company that wants to create a culture of success should learn from Lexus, Volkswagen, and BMW.

These leading companies go beyond, “What new automotive technology will give us an edge?”

Instead, they ask, “How will this new automotive technology improve customer satisfaction?”

  • When a worker an access important documents instantly – with a few simple voice commands – they can finish their repairs faster, and customers can get back on the road sooner.
  • When automotive digital transformation reaches workers on the frontlines, this will empower them to make better decisions, which will again contribute to greater customer satisfaction.
  • And finally, when a customer can see what the technician sees – in real-time – they gain clarity and reassurance where before there were only delays. That’s customer satisfaction.

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