We’ve Unpacked our Announcement with Honeywell for You


Honeywell Plus ATEX Zone One Intrinsically Safe Wearables Means Workers Can Go Anywhere

Perhaps you saw the small flurry of announcements at OTC a few weeks prior.  We are signing partner agreements, announcing customer wins, and boosting product performance and usability through firmware updates.   To that end, we wanted to “unpack” the latest announcements for you about RealWear and Honeywell, and tell you what it means for us and you, our industrial customers.

Milestone 1 -Global agreement with Honeywell

This new agreement gives RealWear capability to reach more customers faster.  We can now get the HMT-1 and our Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 into the hands of field workers faster than ever.  (This builds nicely on our recent deal through RealMax to accelerate our reach in China.)

With Honeywell on the team, we have the backing of a global Fortune 100 organization with a stellar reputation for excellence and performance at scale.  Honeywell will sell both the head-worn RealWear HMT-1 and Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 ruggedized wearable computers, along with our accessories.

Here’s a photo of the HMT-1Z1 at Honeywell’s crowded booth at OTC 2018, where the team did some compelling demonstrations running the Honeywell solution on the new Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 (scroll down for Milestone 2)

Milestone 2 – Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 – ATEX Zone 1

To achieve our Go Anywhere vision for Connected Workers, RealWear must have a real product that is Intrinsically Safe.  Nobody has ever reached this level of certification!  Having never been done before on the planet, this was no easy feat for us but it had to be done.   This took a huge amount of effort and dedication by our global team.


There’s more to come on the features/functionality of the HMT-1Z1 as we roll it out this summer, but for now, it’s worth noting that we’ve been ATEX Zone 1 certified, so preorder yours today.

Customers like Eastman Chemical and dozens of oil and gas companies are ready Go Anywhere.

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