HMT-1 for Telemedicine Helps Pneumonia and Nerve Damage Issues in Coronavirus Patients at Three Chinese Hospitals (Translation)

RealWear Aids in Fight Against Covid-19 in China

We quickly wanted to share/repost RealWear China’s work on Covid-19 (apologies for typos as this is breaking news…). We last posted on March 3, 2020 here.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially defined the new Coronavirus epidemic as a “pandemic.” As of 7:00 on the 16th, Beijing time, a total of 164,837 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, the number of confirmed cases outside China has exceeded China. The global epidemic situation is grim, and China’s experience is being accepted by other epidemic locations around the world. Scientific and technological epidemic resistance and national epidemic resistance have become global consensus.

Leslie Wang, Business Development Director of RealWear China provided us with a compelling account of the HMT-1 being used by medical professionals on the ground in China to provide quick treatment in real-time.

Thanks for my brothers, Mr. Lan and Mr. Yang. We successfully implemented the first AR ward round in the front line of fighting against the coronavirus at Tongji hospital in Wuhan, Hubei, China by the third group of Jiangsu medical teams supporting Hubei. As one part of smart medical care and online diagnosis and treatment, senior experts went his rounds remotely at clean area by the two way real time high resolution audio and video sent back by the HMT-1 worn on the junior doctor which was in the isolation area. Hope realwear could help more patients and doctors in this battle worldwidely!

Leslie Wang, Business Development Director – RealWear China
via LinkedIn

Field Record:

When: Wednesday, March 13, 2020 at 9 am

Location: Ward C8, West District, Sino-French New Town, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

People: The third batch of Jiangsu aid Hubei medical team

Ward doctor (isolated ward, contaminated area): Deputy Chief Physician Yang Jinghui;

Rear doctor (doctor’s office, cleaning area): Shao Xiangrong, deputy chief physician;

Chief expert (hotel resident, clean area): Chief physician Liu Shaohua;

Doctor round: (18 beds) Hello, how are you feeling today?

Patient: Hello doctor, dyspnea is much better than before. My right calf still has numbness.

Director: Lao Yang, check the patient’s right lower extremity to see what is happening? Ward Doctor: OK, the skin on the right lower limb looks good. The sensory disturbance occurs on the inner side of the calf. The skin temperature and skin color are normal.

Director: The patient has had a femoral vein puncture. Check your femoral vein puncture for any problems. Ward Doctor: OK, (video synchronized display), can you see it? Director: Can round the room Doctor: The local skin is good, but there are puncture needles and eye marks, there is small congestion under the skin, no hematoma, no lymph nodes are swollen, and the contralateral lymph nodes are normal. Director: OK, OK, see the round Doctor: No edema on the skin, no local tension, no nodules under the skin, no tenderness, and normal inguinal lymph nodes

(Doctor round: After examination) The patient’s left calf had less pain on the medial side than on the contralateral side. He had had a prominent disease for 5 years without formal treatment. Trouble checking the laboratory indicators behind the doctor: white blood cells 3100; lymphocytes 570, low; hemoglobin 9 grams; platelets 296; other no problem;

Fungal test is normal; nucleic acid test is negative;

Director: The indications are good, and the overall situation is improving.

Dr. Ward: (to the patient) Your condition is related to the chronic nerve damage caused by the prominence. The new coronary pneumonia has been basically cured. If you check the nucleic acid again, you can be discharged. Then you can go to the orthopedics department and continue to treat the prolapse. Today I will give you some medicine for nutrition.

Patient: OK, thank you doctors.

The above is during the epidemic, doctors in the ICU repeated working dialogue several times a day. In response to the national call for science and technology diagnosis and treatment of digital epidemic prevention, in order to provide first-line patients with good treatment while reducing excessive physical overdrafts by doctors and experts, the third batch of Jiangsu aid Hubei medical team in Wuhan Tongji Hospital Sino-French New Town C8 West Ward uses head-mounted computers with artificial intelligence technology for rounds and consultations. The chief physician can remotely check the patient from the first round of the rounds doctor and propose a diagnosis and treatment plan. A patient can receive remote diagnosis and treatment by multiple experts at the same time, so as to recover as soon as possible.

The illness of the patients also affected the hearts of everyone wearing the computer R & D service team. When the doctor said to the patient that the test results were negative continuously, they gave the thumbs up in front of the screen in order to obtain a staged response to the epidemic. Victory feels sincere joy and pride, and pays tribute to the front-line medical workers who fought day and night!

As a member of the team of headset computers and remote visualization business service providers who are good at industrial, medical, security and other fields, they are committed to the front line of anti-epidemic research, and are working hard to send telemedicine solutions to the front line of anti-epidemic. During the epidemic, RealWear provided telemedicine technical services to Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Sixth Hospital, Tongren Hospital and other hospitals. While reducing the burden of expert physicians, helping medical staff to provide patients with excellent medical services has become the wish and mission of every staff member!

The advantages of an AI computer that can be sterilized, easy to move, and hands free bring the frontline of anti-epidemic:

· Save protective materials and reduce the number of times medical staff enters critically ill areas.

· Allow patients to be fully treated, and medical experts and chief physicians provide timely remote guidance through the doctor’s head computer HMT-1 real-time video communication.

· Cultivate more front-line medical staff, and the director will guide students to standardize medical operations through head-mounted computers and remotely teach.

· Save medical resources of experts, through the medical guidance of the head of computer security director, make use of many years of experience in diagnosis and treatment, so that patients can enjoy good medical services, while ensuring that medical experts get adequate rest.


Communication has been touch and go with RealWear China since the pandemic spread and due to communication challenges. We are thankful to our brave team to have taken the time to provide us this communicate tonight. This report is from this Monday.

Reprinted source: med.HC360

Translation by Google Translate except for headline, which is new.

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