Hirschmann Automotive Stays Ahead of the Game with Webex Expert on Demand and RealWear

We love the momentum we’re seeing with Cisco Webex Expert on Demand in the automotive sector!

Hirschmann Automotive recently wrote in a blog post all about its journey with RealWear and Webex Expert on Demand solving real problems, especially reducing travel restrictions.

Webex Expert on Demand empowers frontline workers by helping to enable hands-free collaboration with global experts, using Webex Teams and the RealWear HMT-1 augmented reality device. That’s the power of hands-free remote collaboration.

Here’s a quote from the post that describes the problem they were originally dealing with.

If something isn’t working properly at one of our plants, technicians have to call Austria, and even then, they might not be able to solve the issue. Then it becomes an issue of flying someone around the world to assess the problem in person.    

Klemens Fliri
IT-Systems Engineer Global UC & Leader IT-Apprenticeship at Hirschmann Automotive

After some trial and errr, and some tests, they said it paid off that they were willing to take a risk and make it happen. Here’s the result:

By using RealWear and Cisco Webex Expert on Demand, we were able to improve on our existing collaboration tools to work more efficiently. Remarkably, we increased first-time fix rates and improved the speed of getting to first-time resolution, all while significantly reducing travel expenses. We saved time, money, and the frustration of traveling thousands of miles. We’ve also discovered the potential of offering our customers a better real-time support or to have them remotely view our plant processes. That customer-facing service could become a real competitive advantage.      

Klemens Fliri
IT-Systems Engineer Global UC & Leader IT-Apprenticeship at Hirschmann Automotive

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