Custom-Designed Ball Caps for Our Best-Selling HMT-1 Now Shipping

Purpose-Built HMT-1 Ball Caps Designed for Locations PPE Equipment is Not Required

Hats on to RealWear!

By popular demand, we are thrilled to announce that our HMT-1 ball caps are here. Two versions are now available! These aren’t your ordinary ball caps. Each hat is HMT-1-ready, with HMT-1 clips and a flexible inner stabilizer band.

Now you can quickly grab your HMT-1 and snap it into your RealWear HMT-1 ball cap for those times at work that don’t require PPE gear but you still want to use the HMT-1 with total comfort and stability of a brimmed cap.


The custom-designed brims have a special design to allow full functionality of the HMT-1 rugged camera with zero occlusion.

Ball caps are black with various logo options. Here’s a snip from the RealWear store:

These purpose-built ball caps are a perfect pairing for wearing with the HMT-1 for everything that does not require PPE.  Each cap is designed for maximum comfort, balance and visibility, expanding the boundaries for where the HMT-1 can go.  Each ball cap contains a RealWear-designed semi-flexible inner band and HMT-1 clips. The cap’s brim is ideal for sunny locations without occluding the adjustable high-resolution camera.


Lightweight / Durable / Smooth

Adjustable Velcro back 

Black with RealWear logo (two variations available at checkout)

Brim designed for full camera visibility

Built-in clips and inner band

Weighs approximately 100 grams

We love these caps and hope you do too. We tested dozens of various designs and prototypes to land on this one, and are bringing a few to DistribuTECH 2019 to demo. When you buy one, make sure to take a selfie and post it with the hashtag #freeyourhands.