Packs by RealWear are Now Available with Free HMT-1s Included! 

Packs by RealWear - Buy a Crew Pack, Get an HMT-1 for free!
Packs by RealWear – Buy a Crew Pack, Get a Fifth HMT-1 for free!

If you’re one of our loyal newsletter subscribers you were first to hear that we are now shipping Packs by RealWear.  In this post, we are offering a free download of our promotional flyer that outlines what you get in each of each RealWear Pack.  This download is perfect for you to see everything in one place (prices, what’s included, etc.) so you can make an informative decision on which pack to pick.  (Tip: It’s print-friendly so you can put it on your boss’s desk) and circle the one you want like this.

Each RealWear Pack Contains a Handpicked Bundle of Accessories

No matter which RealWear Pack you choose, each Pack contains a handpicked bundle of accessories including hard hats, memory cards, extra batteries and chargers.  It’s everything a 21st century industrial worker requires to get fully outfitted to free his hands to perform safely at his best with the HMT-1, on day one of your Connected Worker program.

The Special Pricing is for a Limited Time

We’re also really excited about the special pricing we’re able to bring to you which effectively gives you something for ABSOLUTELY FREE* with your purchase.  This offer is for a limited time so act now!

Here’s an Example of How it Works

As an example, if you buy our new Crew Pack (4), you get one FREE HMT-1.   To break that down, buy 4 units, plus HANDPICKED accessories to maximize user experience and help enable and empower user productivity, and we’re GIVING YOU a free HMT-1 with our hands-free computing knowledge transfer platform. We believe 5 is a great number of units for a typical crew getting a small job project right.  Eliminate any shopping confusion of what you need to get started fast.

Packs by RealWear are Based on Real Jobs and Real Workers

Packs by RealWear are based on real jobs and real workers in the field.  We’ve taken the time to look at our most commonly used RealWear accessories and spoken directly to many of our end customers and partners to determine the best pack for various size jobs and teams.

We have four different types of RealWear Packs for different scales and intentions. Remember: The more you save, the more workers get empowered faster.  It’s all about scaling fast.

  • Scout Pack (also available in Intrinsically Safe “Go Beyond” edition)
  • Crew Pack (4 HMT-1s included and accessories, plus ONE free)
  • Team Pack (8 HMT-1s included, plus TWO free)
  • Fleet Pack (Enterprise edition – custom built for larger environments, includes even more savings)

We’ve put together a Free Pack flyer download to make sure you get all the information you need.  To learn more about our packs and download our flyer, click here!

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