OverIT Launches Geocall 9 on HMT-1 for Digital Transformation of Field Service Management

Geocall 9 Built to Accelerate Knowledge Transfer and Improve Productivity with HMT-1

New Field Service Management Solution Designed to Improve Productivity and Efficiency of Global Teams

RealWear Ready Partner OverIT has developed innovative field service management solutions for more than 20 years. OverIT began with paperless modalities and progressed to solutions that perform in off-line mode. But its next innovation claims to go even further. OverIT now encourages field service teams all around the world to “free their hands” with its Geocall 9 solution.

OverIT says it focuses on simplifying operations for field service technicians, supervisors, and support teams. With Geocall 9, OverIT says it’s aligned its focus with RealWear’s mission. Geocall 9 has been built, tested, and optimized for RealWear HMT-1®, and it allows field service teams to conduct hands-free vocal debriefings with just a few simple voice commands.

When enterprise teams run Geocall 9 on a RealWear HMT device, their field service technicians can overcome the limitations of rugged smartphones and tablets. Unlike other rugged mobile devices, HMT-1 is completely hands-free. With Geocall 9 on an HMT, field service technicians no longer have to remove their gloves to type in commands, because they can navigate the system using only their voice. And since RealWear devices are fully compatible with PPE, once workers clip an HMT into their hard helmet they’re good to go.

OverIT says that Geocall 9 on HMT-1 can accelerate knowledge transfer between subject matter experts (SMEs) and field service technicians. This is especially valuable in industries that are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified new hires like Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, and Logistics. When on-site workers use Geocall 9 they can get real-time guidance from remote experts, which can help them perform predictive maintenance and reduce costly downtime. And this knowledge transfer also goes the other way, from field service workers back to experts at the home office. When remote experts can see what frontline workers see and hear what they hear, they can incorporate these data into future trainings.

OverIT says it designed Geocall 9 with the needs of enterprise teams in mind. Geocall 9 integrates with world leading ERPs, CRMs and Asset Management solutions, and HMT-1 offers all the security features of Android 8.1. The company says that with Geocall 9 it becomes much easier for global teams to schedule, organize, and execute work orders in the field.

Some of the functions of Geocall on HMT-1 include the ability to:

  • Navigate technical documents hands-free: Field service workers can access documents and manuals using the voice-controlled interface of HMT-1. This gives them more freedom to operate machinery, and allows them to focus their attention on their work instead of a hand-held device.
  • Visualize IoT data: With Geocall 9, field service technicians can view data from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in real-time. Now workers can diagnose machine health and perform predictive maintenance, which can help companies avoid costly repairs and rework.
  • Complete digital workflows: When frontline workers can access step-by-step visual procedures for complex tasks, companies can avoid rework, ensure compliance, and improve onboarding for new employees.
  • Capture photographic and video evidence: Field service technicians can use Geocall 9 on HMT-1 to capture images and videos hands-free. These file can provide much-needed context to work orders and improve the company’s knowledge base.
  • Request guidance from a remote mentor: Even experienced workers occasionally run into a problem they can’t fix on their own. And this is even more common for new hires. If field service technicians had a way to contact a subject matter expert at the home office, companies could reduce repeat visits and rework while avoiding downtime. This is one of the key benefits of Geocall 9 on HMT-1.

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