The Best Rugged Tablet For Hands-Free Work

How Do You Make The Best Hands-Free Rugged Tablet Even Better?

HMT Release 10 Raises The Bar For Hands-Free Rugged Tablets And Industrial Wearables

HMT-1® became the best hands-free rugged tablet when we introduced it in 2017. Waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, HMT-1 head-mounted tablet responds to voice commands with 98% accuracy even when ambient noise reaches 95 dBA. Tough act to follow, right?

But we were just getting started.

In 2018 we introduced the HMT-1Z1™. This is the world’s first hands-free tough tablet approved for ATEX Zone 1. With the HMT-1Z1, workers in dangerous conditions finally have the right tools for the job.

  • Two wearable computers offering a heads-up display with “Say What You See” technology.
  • Two rugged tablets designed for hands-free computing.

And now, one major firmware and software release that makes the best rugged tablets for industry even better: HMT Release 10.

Completely Upgraded User Interface

Industrial frontline workers in manufacturing, construction and beyond need to free their hands for work. Any time they need to remove their gloves to complete a checklist or finish a job, they put themselves at risk.

Say What You See (SWYS) voice control makes HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 the safest head-mounted tablets for industrial workers. HMT Release 10 improves SWYS on HMT-1, making it easier to do real work:

  • Manage and navigate all your files with a few simple voice commands
  • Light and dark modes for different lighting conditions
  • Cleaner visual design

Security Upgrades With Android 8.1

When you’re working in harsh environments, safety goes hand in hand with security. Safety means wearing PPE every day, following lockout tagout procedures, and keeping your hands free. Security means locking up your equipment and requiring visitors to check-in as soon as they arrive on your job site.

But as much as these things matter in the real world, they matter even more when it comes to your data.

HMT Release 10 brings the security of Android 8.1 to HMT-1 and (coming soon!) the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1. This important hands-free software update also includes API level 27 support for developers and regular software updates automatically delivered to the device. HMT Release 10, along with our recent hire of RealWear’s first CISO, confirm our commitment to data protection and cybersecurity.

A Better Camera System

These days, every tablet has a camera. So when we designed HMT Release 10 to make the best rugged tablet even better, we knew we had to go above and beyond.

Once again, SWYS voice control is our guiding principle. HMT Release 10 offers the following enhancements to the rugged camera system on HMT-1:

  • Hands-free access for greater safety and productivity in industrial environments
  • Change exposure level and video frame rate with your voice
  • Improved performance in low light situations

These are camera features specifically designed for productivity and performance in challenging industrial use cases. Anytime you need to adjust your field of view, stabilize video, or adjust the resolution, you can thank the updates in HMT Release 10. All these new camera features have been intuitively designed for hands-free operation.

What’s new in HMT Release 10?

What’s The Point of HMT Release 10?

It’s simple.

With this update to HMT-1, it’s our goal to have zero friction between your work and the information you need to get the job done fast.

  • You don’t have to worry about taking off your gloves to complete a job, when keeping them on at all times is part of your job.
  • You don’t have to think about how to hold a tablet while you’re climbing a tower or scaffolding.

The future of work has no place for conventional tablets that get in your way. The journey to digital transformation is all about connected workers using tough tablets with a heads-up display.  You need the best software for the best device to have the best hands-free platform. 

How do you choose the best rugged tablet? Keep it real.

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