PTC Announces Vuforia Expert Capture Augmented Reality Solution for HMT-1

Expert Capture designed to improve workforce productivity, quality, safety, and compliance.

New Augmented Reality Solution lets companies bridge the skills gap by delivering training content on the RealWear HMT-1®

We’ve written about the skills gap facing companies in Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas in an earlier post. Like a tsunami happening in slow motion, the Great Crew Change is imminent and threatens to undo companies’ efforts to improve productivity and enhance safety.

Remote Mentor solutions can speed knowledge transfer so companies can train new hires faster. And soon, companies will have an even better way to empower their frontline workers with the right information, right when they need it. And that’s because PTC will release Vuforia Expert Capture for HMT-1® in late May 2019.

With Vuforia Expert, subject matter experts (SMEs) can capture processes and procedures on the HMT-1 as they work. This knowledge can then be packaged for new hires as step-by-step instructions.

Knowledge captured by SMEs in this way can be fine-tuned in a secure, SaaS-based environment. When new hires need to reference this knowledge on the job, they can access it directly through HMT-1.

“We are excited to offer industrial enterprises a new way to use AR to leverage the tribal knowledge of SMEs and help alleviate the skills gap crisis threatening today’s industrial enterprise.”

“Vuforia Expert Capture is a high-value, out-of-the-box solution that accelerates AR content creation that enables manufacturers to not only improve the accuracy and speed at which workers successfully complete new or unfamiliar tasks, but also to reduce training costs and time to productivity.”

Mike Campbell, EVP, Augmented Reality Products, PTC

What makes Vuforia Expert Capture such an elegant solution is that it allows both SMEs and new hires to work hands-free. Any time SMEs want to record a new procedure using Expert Capture, they can activate the system with a few simple voice commands on the HMT-1. Similarly, when workers in training need help, they can call up Expert Capture to get the exact information they need at exactly the right time. And again, it all happens hands-free on the HMT-1 through a few simple voice commands.

We’re honored to partner with PTC as they address the greatest opportunity for knowledge transfer in the industrial enterprise.

Click here to read the full Press Release on Vuforia Expert Capture from PTC.

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