RealWear Rolls Out Zero-Touch Deployment Solution with RealWear Cloud Cloud Platform

RealWear Cloud Makes Early HMT-1 Deployments Fast, Efficient, Secure

Today at EWTS we’re excited to announce the RealWear Cloud cloud platform with zero-touch deployment built into our HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 out of the box. 

Scroll down below to check more about the new platform for zero-touch deployment.  If you are an existing customer click below.

Tested and Approved by Fortune 500 Companies

Many Fortune 500 customers, including Colgate-Palmolive, have already deployed HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 head-worn tablet computers using RealWear Cloud across wide geographic areas, often across several countries and continents. 

RealWear Cloud enables zero-touch deployment so that devices can even be shipped straight from RealWear’s fulfillment centers to widely dispersed customer work sites and immediately deployed to your connected workers.

Now, organizations can accelerate early enterprise deployments of our award-winning HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 ruggedized wearable computers.

Optimized Hands-Free UX

RealWear Cloud doesn’t just assign devices to workers; it deploys apps to those devices.  Just add an app from the RealWear app catalog to a device policy and it will install immediately.  

Alternatively, you can load homegrown apps or ones that you have already purchased.  Of course, RealWear Cloud allows you to upgrade apps remotely when needed, but will never force you to do so until you and your workers are ready.

It’s especially useful for companies that are new to RealWear’s hands-free experience and ready to get going.

Secure from the Ground Up

An organization still needs to maintain security while it is evaluating and piloting the HMT-1 and/or HMT-1Z1.  RealWear Cloud allows basic security settings including remotely setting device PIN numbers to be controlled by a central administrator.  And because only that administrator decides which apps are loaded, unneeded and possibly harmful applications are kept off devices. 

Even organizations that eventually move their devices to a mobile device management system (MDM) find value in RealWear Cloud because it helps them be flexible but safe in deploying the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 device for the first time in their environments.

Trusted, Optimized Hands-Free Apps

Many software developers have optimized their application’s user experience for voice-controlled, hands-free use on the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1.  Our team has reviewed and approved these applications which are now installable directly from the RealWear Cloud App Catalog.

The following companies are launch participants of the Cloud App Catalog:

  • Augmentalis – Datis Visualizer
  • HPE  – MyRoom VRG
  • Iconics – MobileHMI
  • Intoware – WorkfloPlus
  • iQagent – iQagent
  • JujoTech – Fusion Remote
  • Librestream – Onsight Connect
  • MHI – VisualSpection
  • PTC – Vuforia View
  • UBiMax – Frontline (via xSetup)
  • Upskill – Skylight
  • XOi – Vision

An Efficient Platform Made Just for HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 Deployments

Through the RealWear Cloud web portal, administrators or non-technical business leaders can quickly assign HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1s to workers, lock and unlock devices, install apps, keep those apps current, and track status of every device in the fleet.  It’s everything you expect from RealWear.

All from a single remote location.

RealWear Cloud cloud platform is designed to allow rapid deployment of trusted applications to HMT-1 and/or HMT-1Z1 hands-free tablet computers in a fast, secure manner.

Built for Speed with Hands-Free, No-Touch Deployment

One of the “moments of truth” for a company deploying hands-free computers like RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 is near the start, when internal business sponsors and IT team members are trying out the product in either an evaluation or pilot phase. If there are too many pieces to put together, a pilot can get stuck in pilot purgatory.

RealWear Cloud is pre-installed on every device, resulting in faster deployments.  There’s no need for your IT department to set up servers, point devices to URLs or connect HMT-1s or HMT-1Z1s with cables to desktop or laptop computers to download apps or configure the device.

We know that RealWear Cloud can help your company in moving decisively toward enterprise wearable computing because it already is being used by dozens of RealWear customers and software partners.  Now we are introducing it to everyone.

RealWear Cloud is Built-In – No Extra Charge for Accelerating your Deployments

It’s true.

Access to RealWear Cloud is built into every HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 for no additional cost for accelerating your deployments.  Turn it on with a simple click.

Whether you have one device or hundreds; whether you are evaluating, piloting, or fully deploying to production; whether you are an IT professional or just a business process owner with a need to solve a problem through wearable computers – we hope you will find RealWear Cloud a fast and efficient tool for provisioning and managing your fully rugged HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 head-mounted tablets.

If you’re an existing customer, contact us below and we’ll activate the service on your account.  If you’re new to RealWear, grab a RealWear Pack and get started.

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