21 Hands-Free Video Sharing Apps Perfect for the HMT-1

HMT-1 Video Sharing

These Hands-Free Video Sharing Apps Will Deliver Instant Productivity Gains to Your Industrial Business

Need a second pair of eyes to check your work but don’t want to Skype/FaceTime with someone while resting your expensive rugged tablet or laptop on a precarious ledge?  Or maybe you’re a manager and staring at the insane invoice of helicoptering in an expert to fix your multi-million-dollar machine or oil rig?  Whatever your use case, maybe it’s time to look into the new world of wearable head-mounted tablets.

Live video sharing  is one of the fastest growing solutions for our device.  That’s because it’s extremely simple and practical to use, which is important to complete jobs faster, better, and more effectively.   We have a great list of enrolled partners to bring these solutions directly to you.  Each solution has been optimized for our award-winning voice-controlled HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 ruggedized wearable computer.

As you might expect,  the available video sharing apps have similar but distinct features, so it’s critical to research each solution closely to make sure it meets your specific needs.  Some of these solutions are multi-purpose and some are designed for specific use cases.

Popular use cases for video sharing include:

  • Inspecting your work for quality
  • Troubleshooting a problem collaboratively
  • Showing a machine to an expert remotely
  • Training new workers
  • Live Remote Assistance
  • Annotation
  • Document Sharing
  • Co-browsing
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Troubleshooting Assistance

Our device is optimized to work in low-bandwidth zones, and each app will have varying levels of performance.

Here’s our running list of video sharing apps that are optimized for the HMT-1.

AMA – Xpert Eye
Atheer – Air EnterpriseBlitzz
BrochesiaEssertFieldbit – Hero
HPE MyRoomLibrestream -Onsight ConnectLivecast
MHI – Visual SpectionOculavis – ShareOverIT – Space 1
Rise – Digital Service Communication Scope AR – Remote ARTelepresenz – Care4D
Thales – Remote ExpertUBiMax – FrontlineVital Enterprises
 XOi – VisionUpskill – SkylightABB – Fieldworker HFI
(coming soon!)

If your solution is missing from this list, let us know!

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