122 Great Reasons to Buy an HMT-1 Today (Off the Top of Our Head)

Here are 122 Incredible Reasons to Make the Switch to Hands-Free Computing with RealWear

OK, so you’re super impressed after downloading our data sheet.  Maybe you’ve downloaded our white paper on using intrinsically safe hands-free wearable computers in restricted hazardous zones, and are wondering if you should make the leap and free your hands for work.

We’ve compiled 122 incredible reasons to buy your first hands-free HMT-1 head-mounted rugged wearable computer today for your work.

(Of course, we built this list off the top of our head.)

  1. Our customers love hands-free computing.
  2. They really, REALLY love our voice-only, hands-free controls.
  3. Hands-free. Period.  (And now that we made that point..)
  4. You can sponge the gunk right off the device and it will work like a charm.
  5. Performs great in frigid temperature.
  6. Also performs as advertised in extremely hot places.
  7. Perfect for climbing wind turbine towers to get them tuned up (and ready to power the future).
  8. In fact, workers at high altitudes or remote locations can stay connected.
  9. Built tough (MIL-STD-810G).
  10. It’s comfortable. Put it on. Forget you’re even wearing it.
  11. Easy to travel with.
  12. Work in extremely tight quarters like a tunnel or distillation tower.
  13. Get live assistance on a complicated job from one of your expert colleagues.
  14. Great for inspections/inspectors – snap pics and videos for the auditors.
  15. Your device will respond to you in milliseconds, no wondering or waiting.
  16. No need to ever set down your laptop or tablet on some precarious ledge.
  17. Enabled for AR or IoT visualization (real-time machine data!).
  18. Lightweight for full mobility.
  19. Low-bandwidth friendly for all of your video streaming needs.
  20. With the HMT-1Z1, you can wear it in explosive zones (ATEX Zone 1, C1/D1).
  21. Dust-tight (IP66).
  22. Drop-tested on concrete up to 2 meters (IP66 certified).
  23. Waterproof, protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water (IP66 – certified).
  24. Far more convenient than toting around a laptop.
  25. Your boss (and your boss’s boss) will be happy you’re contributing to the bottom line.
  26. Easy on the pocketbook, high on ROI (customers say they recovered their cost of the device in less than a week on average).
  27. Our team values excellence, integrity, and quality.
  28. We made it super easy to migrate your app.
  29. You can pull up docs with just your voice.
  30. Take high-quality photos, again, with just your voice.
  31. View the screen outside, even in bright light.
  32. Move the screen out of the way anytime you want (designed to minimize obstruction).
  33. You can still use the device with the screen moved to the rear position.
  34. Multiple positions for using the screen (in line of site, direct line of site, above, below).
  35. Battery life will work for your full shift.
  36. Hot swappable battery (don’t lose your work!). *
  37. Great storage on the unit (with the option of expanding the storage).
  38. There’s a companion app to help with email or long passwords.
  39. Scan a QR code and Bar Codes by controlling the system, again, with only your voice.
  40. Tether your phone when needed via Bluetooth.
  41. Use your mobile device as a WiFi hotspot.
  42. It is compatible with PPE equipment including safety glasses.
  43. Works with a baseball hat or bump cap.
  44. You can navigate around docs and apps with just simple head movements.
  45. Easy app integration – “As easy as APK”.
  46. We designed the device for a non-technie to configure any app thanks to WearHF.
  47. Intuitive user interface – “Say what You See” on the screen.
  48. Supports 10 different languages currently (and growing!)
  49. (And switching languages is a piece of cake.)
  50. Saves your battery when it goes into sleep mode
  51. It comes with a fantastic camera
  52. Oxford, Harvard, GE, all have studies/articles saying that AR improves worker performance.
  53. Be a tech leader at your business.
  54. Multiple ways to transfer knowledge.
  55. Easy to integrate into legacy platforms.
  56. Our device is highly configurable.
  57. Helps maintain your situational awareness, which is critical in dangerous environments.
  58. Easy training for younger generations.
  59. Keeps you or your company on the competitive edge.
  60. Our device is highly configurable.
  61. Very, very accurate voice command recognition.
  62. Familiar and well-supported OS (Android).
  63. Flexible – can be positioned on either your left or right eye.
  64. Largest retail companies are using it in their distribution centers.
  65. Out of the box high-quality video camera solution.
  66. Intuitive controls.
  67. Responsive to all phonetic variations based on regional nuance/accents.
  68. A familiar development environment.
  69. You can screen mirror/screencast to a TV monitor.
  70. Zoomable camera.
  71. Bright voice-controlled task flashlight to see what you’re doing.
  72. One-year warranty under normal use.
  73. Awesome customer success team (interact with a human!).
  74. Great solution deployment team.
  75. Outstanding partner program with many optimized solutions.
  76. Recharge and go.
  77. Compatible with dongles for 4G LTE connectivity.
  78. Adjustable camera positioning.
  79. Great accessories.
  80. Built-in speaker.
  81. Hassle-free Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates.
  82. RealWear Cloud compatible for remote deployment of applications and device management.
  83. Available now, and all over the world.
  84. Automotive service centers are using it for speeding up repairs.
  85. USB-C port for faster charging.
  86. Our device is highly configurable.
  87. Impress your coworkers with your good looks.
  88. An analyst told us we offer the best value for the price.
  89. Complete forms and work orders all hands-free.
  90. Unmatched noise cancellation (up to 95 dB).
  91. Handle a complicated guided workflow with your voice.
  92. It is less expensive than many smart helmets and smart glasses.
  93. We guarantee someone will ask you what it does.
  94. There are currently 21 hands-free video sharing apps to save money and time in the field.
  95. Have your industrial dashboard at-a-glance wherever you go
  96. Because you’ve visited our website 10 times in the last week and just finished reading this blog post.
  97. To give your company (and yourself) an immediate competitive edge
  98. Because if your environment requires an Intrinsically Safe device, we’ve got those too
  99. Because auto and transportation leaders Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volvo Trucks use them
  100. Because Frost and Sullivan says the “RealWear HMT-1 offers the best value for the price and is preferred by customers who seek quality fully rugged industrial wearables.”
  101. Eastman Chemical says you can inspect your contractor’s work remotely if you can’t fit in the space to check yourself.  “It’s almost as good as being there.”
  102. Freedom.  Do away with those bulky, ruggedized tablets, according to this Digital Trends article.
  103. Honeywell has partnered with RealWear, serving as a lynchpin in their Connected strategy.
  104. It’s billed as “an industry wearable Boba Fett would’ve loved.”
  105. Because 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day and millennials do not remember a time when they didn’t have a device in their hands.
  106. For the energy sector, the Great Crew Change may happen sooner than later.
  107. The NBA Retired Players Association uses them for training
  108. People are inventing their own uses for the HMT-1 (like NBA Retired basketball players)
  109. The promise of wearable solutions for enterprise or industrial applications is really about hands-free computing for a select group of critical frontline mobile workers.
  110. Be a part of Industry 4.0.   Spanning warehouse workers and service technicians to delivery drivers and first responders, this community represents somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25% of today’s mobile workforce – or approximately 75 million workers in industrialized markets (VDC).
  111. Make the invisible visible, according to ICONICS.
  112. Because 25 percent of field service technicians expect to use augmented reality (AR) by 2020 (more on transforming your work with AR here)
  113. For utilities, reduce costs and improve service while helping to train and keep workers safe in the field.
  114. Because it’s purpose-built for industry, it’s exactly what you need.
  115. Data Center managers are using the HMT-1 in all kinds of ways.
  116. Firefighters can use the HMT-1Z1 to avoid awkwardly strapping a tablet behind their hazmat hoods to fight fires.
  117. RealWear has built a powerful device, but recognizes that with great power comes great responsibility.
  118. Everybody’s trying them on.  Even the Wall Street Journal.
  119. Lead the way for your company and help shape the future of industry.
  120. We bring benefits to enterprise customers that focus on adding capabilities without compromising a wearer’s vision
  121. Some thought leaders think that  the HMT-1 “lays the foundation for what could come later in terms of a universal smartphone replacement connected to an AI-driven rear end.”
  122. Also works great in extremely hot settings, rated up to (wait for it) 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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