The Best Rugged Tablet For Hands-Free Work

HMT Release 10 Raises The Bar For Hands-Free Rugged Tablets And Industrial Wearables HMT-1® became the best hands-free rugged tablet when we introduced it in 2017. Waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, HMT-1 head-mounted tablet responds to voice commands with 98% accuracy even when ambient noise reaches 95 dBA. Tough act to follow, right? But we were […]

RealWear Unleashes Major Software Upgrade For HMT-1

Free of charge, RealWear HMT Release 10 includes hundreds of improvements enhancing usability, fortifying security with Android 8.1, and delivering a more sophisticated camera system VANCOUVER, WA – MARCH 26, 2019 – RealWear, Inc, the industrial hands-free knowledge transfer platform for frontline workers, today announced the release of HMT Release 10. The upgrade is the […]