Forbes: The State of the ARt at AWE

Forbes writer Charlie Fink wrote an excellent round-up of all the notable stuff happening at AR and shared his views. [epq-quote align=”align-center”]RealWear, which also makes monocular microdisplays for the enterprise, made a stir when they introduced themselves on the main stage with someone wearing the rugged Real Wear [wait for it] in a hazmat suit. […]

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: RealWear and Atheer Go to Market to Deliver Remote Mentor Solution

It Could Cost You Up to  $22,000 Per Minute for Stopped Production (Interview) This interview was conducted with Rika Nakazawa, VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Atheer. Rika Nakazawa is the vice-president of strategy and partnerships at Atheer.  Nakazawa is a technology industry veteran and advisor to ventures in the extended reality (VR/AR) ecosystem, forges […]